Sound Adaption (EN)


With our ‚Sound Adaptation‘ service, we ensure that your sound architecture is perfectly tailored to each specific application. Whether it involves telephone loops, devices, spaces, events, interactions, internet applications, products, mobile phones, games, movies, or videos – we adjust the acoustic elements to guarantee seamless and consistent brand communication across all channels. Through situation-specific adaptation of the sound architecture, we create a coherent and distinctive auditory experience that supports and accentuates your brand.


Needs Clarification: Initially, we precisely define the needs, suggestions, and communication desires for the specific application.

Expert Involvement: Sound experts for the particular application areas are brought on board to apply their expertise effectively.

Adaptation: The sound architecture is adapted situationally for the application to achieve optimal integration and impact.

Development of New Elements: If necessary, new sound elements are designed, fine-tuned, and further developed to meet the requirements.


Through ‚Sound Adaptation‘, you achieve consistent harmony between your brand and its applications, aligned with your other brand elements. This allows your brand to unfold the best possible communication effect and create a unique brand experience. Increase recognition and emotional attachment with your target audience by ensuring that every touchpoint with your brand is enriched with well-considered and customized sound elements.