Podcast Suite (EN)


Discover our ‚Podcast Suite‘ – a flexible, modular audio production package tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking a distinctive acoustic identity through our ‚Sound Frame‘ or looking to enrich your episodes with atmospheric ‚Sound Bites,‘ the ‚Podcast Suite‘ provides you with the tools to elevate your podcast to the next level. With the option for professional mixing and mastering, you can select each module individually to customize your podcast exactly to your vision.


Needs Analysis: We start by working closely with you to understand your needs and goals for your podcast.

Module Selection: Based on the analysis, you choose the appropriate modules from our ‚Podcast Suite‘: ‚Sound Frame‘ for your acoustic identity, ‚Sound Bites‘ for episode-specific sounds, and optional professional mixing and mastering.

Production: After selection, we begin the tailored production of your audio content, focusing on your vision and brand identity.

Feedback and Adjustment: Through an iterative process, we collect your feedback and make necessary adjustments to perfect the final audio quality.

Delivery and Implementation: Upon completion of production and final approval, we deliver the high-quality audio content for use in your podcast.


With the ‚Podcast Suite,‘ you not only secure a uniquely designed acoustic presence that authentically represents your brand but also gain the flexibility to enrich your podcast with high-quality audio elements. This modular package is ideal for long-term partnerships, offering continuous, high-quality acoustic support. Enhance your brand recognition, emotionally engage your audience, and set your podcast apart from the competition – with a professional sound that resonates.