Corporate Sound Check (EN)


Our ‚Corporate Sound Check‘ provides a comprehensive analysis of your acoustic brand presence by evaluating not only the current state but also considering the competitive environment of your industry. Through targeted impact analyses and sound testing, we measure the effectiveness of your sound experiences to precisely monitor the success of your acoustic strategy. This process enables us to understand your target audience’s response to your acoustic identity and deliver evidence-based recommendations for an optimized sound strategy.


Brand Positioning Analysis: Examining your brand guidelines and market objectives, including market shares, target customers, and strategies.

Competitive Analysis: Collecting and processing externally available information about the use of acoustic elements by your competitors.

Integration of Internal Information: Incorporating internal data for a comprehensive assessment of your current sound strategy.

Evaluation and Recommendation: Determining the extent to which your acoustic brand is recognized, positively received, and perceived in the competitive landscape. Identifying the need for adjustments and developing specific action recommendations.


The ‚Corporate Sound Check‘ equips you with clear, data-based action recommendations to precisely align your acoustic brand appearance with your market goals and the needs of your target audience. Benefit from a strengthened brand identity, increased recognition, and more effective customer engagement through an optimized sound strategy.