Sound Architecture (EN)


Unlock the full acoustic dimension of your brand with our ‚Sound Architecture‘ service. This service is designed to develop a systematically constructed acoustic brand that authentically reflects and amplifies your brand identity. From the optimal sound branding design to composition, we define and realize all elements necessary for a coherent and recognizable acoustic presence. Themes, interactive sounds, sound logos, voices, and acoustic applications are tailor-made, designed, composed, produced, and tested to create a unique soundscape that makes your brand distinct.


Analysis and Strategy: Starting with the company strategy and brand positioning, we consider existing knowledge, such as from the ‚Corporate Sound Check‘, to lay a solid foundation for conception.

Selection and Recording: Searching, recording, and selecting voices and instruments that best convey your brand values form the next step.

Composition and Alignment: Musical motifs are composed and finely tuned to your brand identity, developing a unified acoustic signature.

Application and Implementation: We identify and prioritize potential applications of your sound architecture and implement initial measures to integrate your acoustic identity across all relevant areas.

Guidelines and Database: Creating sound guidelines and a sound database ensures consistency and facilitates the application and further development of your acoustic branding.


With your ‚Sound Architecture‘, you create a defining acoustic presence perfectly aligned with your brand. This not only allows for a stronger emotional connection with your target audience but also enhances brand recognition and differentiation in the competitive landscape. A tailor-made acoustic profile distinctly sets you apart and adds a new dimension of authenticity and impact to your brand communication.