Interactive Sounds (EN)


Sound follows function

With our ‚Interactive Sound Design,‘ we offer a tailored solution aimed at meaningfully shaping the acoustic environment in your setting. In a world inundated with auditory signals, it’s crucial that every sound is not only heard but correctly interpreted. Our expertise in designing functional sounds supports clear attribution and creates an emotional resonance that matters both to employees and customers. From informational and warning signals to alarm sounds, we develop sounds that convey safety and enrich the brand experience.


Analysis of the Acoustic Environment: Capturing the existing soundscape, including work-related sound sources and existing acoustic signals.

Design of Functional Sounds: Developing customized informational, warning, and alarm signals tailored to the specific needs of your environment.

Emotional Tuning: Designing sounds to ensure safe attribution and emotional correspondence that builds trust and enhances the well-being of employees and customers.

Integration and Testing: Implementing the designed sounds into the respective devices or systems and conducting tests to verify effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Feedback and Optimization: Collecting user feedback and adjusting sounds based on responses to ensure the best possible user experience.


‘Interactive Sound Design‘ not only improves the usability of products and services but also makes operation more intuitive and safer. Through targeted application of UX sound design, we can create an environment where auditory stimuli are perceived positively and contribute to brand identity. This leads to increased satisfaction and efficiency among users and customers by enhancing the experience with clear, pleasant, and functional sounds that strengthen brand connection.

Examples for Functional Sounds

Wiener Linien ticket machine with interactive sounds

Wiener Linien announcement gongs

Wiener Linien standard gong before station announcements

Wiener Linien standard gong before English station announcements

Wiener Linien standard gong before information announcements

Wiener Linien standard gong before special information announcements