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Sound & Healing

Our service is based on tried and tested techniques that have been used in various cultures for thousands of years to achieve healing trance states. Specially developed affirmations are used in conjunction with harmonious music to promote profound changes on a mental and emotional level. These best practices can be tailored for organizations and individuals alike.


Our service begins with a thorough analysis of your individual needs and goals. We carefully create topic-related affirmations and combine them with suitable music that optimally supports your trance experience. These messages are embedded deep into your subconscious to promote the changes you desire. The affirmations are applied in a relaxed environment over a period of several weeks until they are accepted by the subconscious.


Through Sound and Healing, both organizations and individuals can harness the transformative power of healing trance states. You can release internal blockages, reduce stress, build self-confidence and increase your general well-being. This experience leads to deeper self-understanding and positive life changes, whether you want to benefit from it as an organization or an individual.