Sound Branding Definition (EN)


Definition of some important terms that are used in sound branding and are intended to help you better understand the service that Sound Strategy offers.

Corporate versus Brand

The term ‘corporate’ refers to an entire company. The term ‘brand’ refers directly to a single brand. The design guidelines of the Henkel company are summarized in the corporate design. Whereas the Persil brand belonging to the company has its own brand design. Accordingly, one speaks of ‘corporate sound’ or ‘brand sound’. For brands that relate to the company as a whole – such as B. Wiener Linien – is also known as corporate sound.

Corporate Sound

The acoustic dimension of the corporate design is reflected in the sound identity of a company. It can be heard through the key elements of sound branding. Corporate acoustic or corporate audio are also synonyms for corporate sound.

Sound Architecture

The Sound Architecture explains the relationships and functions of the key elements of sound branding and is individually designed by Sound Strategy. This is the only way to create a unique and innovative sound identity.

Sound Identity

The Sound Identity forms the orientation basis for the acoustic corporate appearance (or brand presence) and the use of the core elements of sound branding. It is expressed in the corporate sound (or brand sound) and represents the acoustic identity of a company (or a brand).

Sound Manual

The Sound Manual contains the guidelines for all corporate sound elements (or brand sound elements) and the guidelines for their use with their possible modifications and extensions in all applications.

Customer Journey

The customer journey describes the individual cycles or points of contact that a customer (in our case acoustically) goes through with a brand.

Sound moods

Sound moods are important work and presentation tools. In the course of a project, they support the development and communication of the conceptual implementation of acoustic ideas. They are often the basis for the gradual approach to the final sound products.