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  • Market analysis
  • Usage behavior
  • Requirements analysis
  • Effectiveness testing


  • Experience design
  • Accessibility
  • User Experience
  • Risk Minimization


  • Audio-visual experiences
  • Product Showcases in Motion
  • Innovative Content Solutions
  • Digital Storytelling


  • System integration
  • Competency development
  • Development plan
  • Value Proposition

MultiplE Award-Winning

Sound Branding: Wiener Linien

A new sound, a consistent sound architecture and a new voice for about 5000 announcements led to increased customer satisfaction ratings & several international awards. 

Our Sense of Hearing is Always Active – Check for Yourself

Do you know what impact your sound concept has on customers, partners and employees?
Do your sounds support your brand and work to its advantage? Do they inspire your customers to buy from you, or to use your services? Or do you feel that the current audible signals are not in line with your brand profile? If you answered no to any of these questions, the sounds you are using may be detrimental to your brand.
If this is the case, now is the time to act!

Sound and Awareness

ABU magazine – guest post

Sound waves are omnipresent in our lives, but how do they affect our perception? In this post, we look at how being mindful of sound can help you explore your sensations and gain deeper insights.
Listen to it

ABU magazine guest post

Workshop Sound Branding

You learn:
• How to develop a sound strategy
• What new methods are used
• How to be well-remembered acoustically

Workshop Sound Branding )))


Many recognize a city based on sights. Is it possible to recognize sounds as well? In a fraction of a second? Try it out: we’ve prepared two short soundtracks of brand sounds and well-known music.

Recognition )))


Our recognitions include the international awards Winner Red Dot Award, Gold (Jury) and Gold (Audience) Audio Branding Award, German Design Award, and Transform Awards Europe.

Awards )))

Center Management

Article ‘Top Tunes for the Mall’ – an individual audio profile as one component of a coherent image makes a brand more unique and recognizable.

Center Management )))

Acoustic Brand Management

Increasing the Acoustic Perception of Brands –
In order to make companies and brands “audible” in increasingly competitive markets, strategies, which take note of the whole acoustic appearance and leverage the company to the desired image, are needed.

Acoustic Brand Management )))

Sound Communication Shapes the Acoustic Image of Your Brand and Your Communication

Sound is everything we perceive acoustically.

Sound branding is the umbrella term for the process of making brands audible.

Audio-Based User Experience refers to the design and implementation of interactive and engaging user interactions through auditory stimuli and cues.