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Holistic Sound Architecture Shapes Your Brand Appearance

Sound is everything we hear. It produces an image in the brain, in response to vibrating molecules. Sound architecture is the structural relationship of the entire sound elements in all applications. Sound elements are voices, functional sounds, icons, logos, and leitmotifs used at the company’s touchpoints.

Herwig Kusatz


Attention, activation, emotionalization, positioning, recognition, differentiation, orientation, media efficiency, consistency


Many recognize a city based on sights. Is it possible to recognize sounds as well? In fractions of seconds? Try it out: We’ve prepared two short soundtracks of brand sounds and well-known music. Listen…

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After being distinguished with the international awards, Winner Red Dot Award , Gold (Jury) and Gold (Audience) Audio Branding Award, German Design Award follows the Transform Awards Europe. More…

Audio Branding Kongress

Vienna Tourist Board – The Modern Sound of Vienna. More…

Center Management

Top tunes for the Mall – An individual audio profile as one component of a coherent image makes a brand more unique and recognizable. More…

Akustische Markenführung

Increasing the acoustic perception of brands –
In order to make companies and brands “audible” in increasingly competitive markets, strategies, which take note of the whole appearance and leverage the company to the desired image, are needed. More…


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